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Weaned on Hollywood endings, Americans now face a messy one

Americans love the big Hollywood ending. The pandemic ain’t gonna be that.

Myanmar smartphone images flood a watching world

The world is watching violent events unfold in Myanmar for one reason above all: because it can.

‘WandaVision,’ a sitcom sendup, was a pandemic parable, too

Trapped in your own neighborhood, losing a sense of the outside world with each passing day.

That 70s Show: Loss by loss, a unique era of baseball fades

A list too long: those from the ranks of 1970s baseball rosters who have died in the past year.

A fight or a ‘fight’? In impeachment, a clash about context

Words matter. But context matters, too. That was clear at Donald Trump's impeachment trial.

For a splintered nation, a delicate moment of continuity

The inauguration proved that there can be comfort in the performance of process and procedure.

A moment in America, unimaginable but perhaps inevitable

A real-time breaking and entering the likes of which the republic has never seen.

In-betweenland: As 2020 slips away, an American snapshot

A year ends. Another begins. Just like always. Yet like nothing ever before.

After Trump, will the presidency recede a bit for Americans?

Have the Trump years changed the place that the presidency occupies in American life?

Halloween in 2020: Some fun with death and fear, anyone?

What happens when 2020 and Halloween collide?

World leaders, virtual meeting 1.0: Was anybody listening?

Connected doesn't always mean making connections.

We Did Not, In Fact, Build This City on Rock and Roll

Aging, death and the lies of 1980s bubblegum music.
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I tell stories. Stories about you and me and us, about our country and our world and the strange and meaningful tapestry of human experience. I tell stories about things that connect with each other unexpectedly, and about how the most insignificant details in our surroundings can, when poked at, turn out to mean everything. Once I wrote an entire book about a single song.

I do other things, too. Right now I am the director of digital innovation for The Associated Press, working on all kinds of interesting new things at the intersection of storytelling and new media. As a leader in AP's news operation for 15 years and a correspondent for 10 more before that, I have tried to bring an unerring sense of storytelling — in any form, in any fashion, on any platform — into our journalism as our industry changes fundamentally and shifts onto exciting and disruptive new platforms. Along the way, I teach and train and mentor and speak about journalism and why it must remain a fundamental and relevant part of the world during an uncertain era.

I also take photographs. See some of them on Instagram by clicking the link in this section, and more of them here.