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Writing at the intersection of
culture, mass media and memoir.


The Lost Photographs of Penang

Chasing snapshots of one town's ghosts, of its souls set to wander.
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Just Browsing

In a Googlized world, the serendipity of devouring facts the old-fashioned way still matters.
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Shack Love

Watching the first shots of the digital revolution from a front-row seat in the suburbs.
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By Brick or Click

With a surge in online shopping, what place does the mall have in the modern landscape of western Pennsylvania? Is it here to stay, or is it edging its way toward obsolescence? The zombies knew. They realized it before any of us. It was during George A. Romero’s Pittsburgh-filmed Dawn of the Dead, way back in 1978, that they showed us all.
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'DREAM-BUILDING': Designers changed the world

ALLISON PARK, Pa. - We begin in the home - in a house just north of Pittsburgh, in the neighborhood where I grew up and where my mother and father live still. Theirs is a typical upper-middle-class world, circa 1999. But it is a world beyond their 1890s-born parents' imaginations. In the kitchen: the silo-shaped gadget that chops onions with precision; the pop-up toaster made of hard, smooth, modern plastic.
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I tell stories. Stories about you and me and us, about our country and our world and the strange and meaningful tapestry of human experience. I tell stories about things that connect with each other unexpectedly, and about how the most insignificant details in our surroundings can, when poked at, turn out to mean everything. Once I wrote an entire book about a single song.

I do other things, too. Right now I am the director of digital innovation for The Associated Press, working on all kinds of interesting new things at the intersection of storytelling and new media. As a leader in AP's news operation for 15 years and a correspondent for 10 more before that, I have tried to bring an unerring sense of storytelling — in any form, in any fashion, on any platform — into our journalism as our industry changes fundamentally and shifts onto exciting and disruptive new platforms. Along the way, I teach and train and mentor and speak about journalism and why it must remain a fundamental and relevant part of the world during an uncertain era.

I also take photographs. See some of them on Instagram by clicking the link in this section, and more of them here.